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you wondering whether private enterprise can work, we know from walmart and katrina it works. >> walmart and budweiser, gave truckloads of water, not necessarily beer, i know you were disappointed with that. but think of katrina, $2,000 debit cards they worked out well, people went out and bought tattoos and flat screen tvs, we have the mobile homes,. neil: in the mud. >> they sold them for a deep discount, and lost about a billion in that. governor jindal from new orleans, was complaining that federal government messes it up every step of the way, how could you expect them to do well, we could do much better if you just gave us the money, that is what mitt romney says, get federal bureaucrats out. neil: when this came out today, his back up against the wall, what to you say governor? do you say no fema? what do you think he should say. >> right now, it is a very delicate time, i'm not a politician, i say fema screws it up just about every time they get hole of it since they began in carter administration, whether it is a republican or a democrat, but still screwed up, and th
and there is a lot of suffering this is our hurricane katrina. we really felt like we were being ignored. the rest of the country was seeing something, but it wasn't us. that dramatically started to chan yesterday and certainly today with secretary napolitano coming, the national ceo of the red cross. >> no doubt. the boots will stop hitting the ground, whether it is the red cross and fema. fema was knocking on doors. [talking over each other] neil: what were they doing when they were knocking on doors? >> giving people desperately needed information and letting them know wat the processes and there were inspectors looking at how to assees the damage to the people can start to get some funding so they can start replacing in putting together their lives. going door-to-door is tremely important. a lot of things that happened today that, you know, need desperately to be done. we are still hurttng. it is a tremendous amount to be done. there are a lot of people are looking for answers and still haven't been gone through. the only backslapping that there should be at all is from the volunteers of the s
right? if i'm on the west coast, it is kind of interesting. unless it is a katrina disaster, which is much bigger. it is interesting. but i would be out in the midwest, right through the state he has openings in wisconsin and michigan and minnesota. i would be riding the bus as hard as i can. the president is trying to make as much out of being in the white house and managing prices as he can. you don't have to just, you know, roll up into a fetal position in neil: you are right that there is this kind of obsession in this part of the world. but you can also look and see that if you are mitt romney, how do you avoid giving that impression? >> because every place you go, our hearts and prayers are with the people. what about this idea in this region without power through election agreement with video? >> this election -- we could >> you the thing that is going to be there? >> now. i have never seen one like├ęt: t state by ateo that's correct. neil: then it comes to getting your people out. >> but we have to have a and electoral college. the problem is the president obama and the de
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8 (some duplicates have been removed)